Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Benefits of Managed VPS Hosting Services for Small Business

The last thing on which companies would like to spend money is managing the website’s server. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is the type of web hosting service wherein a virtual machine is allotted to a client but the hardware property such as hard drive, bandwidth and transfer speed is shared among various clients. Two types of VPS hosting services are offered to the clients i.e. managed hosting and independent hosting. Managed hosting is the type of hosting service wherein all the server-related issues are handled by the hosting service provider. On the other hand, independent hosting is the service wherein full control lies in the hands of clients. 

Small and medium scale companies don’t like to spend time and money on management of the server. When a company opts for independent VPS hosting, the demand for an IT professional arises issues related to the server can only be handled properly by them. Managed VPS hosting removes this burden because the service provider promises to manage the server. There are many benefits that a company enjoys by selecting managed hosting service.

·         Server Security: Every firm has worries related to the security of data on its website. As the data can be hacked in a VPS, high risk is involved. Server security consists of various factors such as Operating System, software firewall, virus prevention, spam filtering and security audits. It is very difficult for a company to carry out so many tasks at regular intervals to keep up with the security. Service providers have a couple of professionals who are efficient at this job. They update the OS, check software firewall, scan and remove virus, filter spam and, hence, keep the security level of server high.

·         Monitoring: Every company wants its website to be accessed by the web world throughout the year. But, websites face some kind of problem such as server failure at some point of time due to avoidance of monitoring. Therefore, server monitoring is quite essential for every website. Monitoring works on the basis of the phrase “Prevention is better than cure” because it prevents server failures. Hosting service providers allot a professional for executing this job so that its clients can enjoy appreciable up-time. But, this feature is absent in the independent hosting service. Thus, companies can get their server monitored only by choosing managed Hosting.

·         Backup: Data loss, due to natural or man-made disasters, is quite terrible for a company. Every firm seeks a source where the data on the website can be stored safely.  Service providers usually follow Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery service Plans so that the data on the clients’ website can remain safe during any disaster.

·         Specialization at Operating Cost:  Companies hardly have an efficient IT professional who agrees to look after the server and website at low cost. Hosting providers appoint several IT experts who have the ability to show specialization in server-related issues. Therefore, companies that select hosting service get to avail quality service at low operating cost.

CtrlS Managed VPS services are preferred by thousands of companies, irrespective of its size and nature.  A genuine and reliable web hosting service provider guarantees appreciable service that fetches beneficial results for its clients’ websites. Therefore, every firm that does not want to spend time and money on the management of website’s server feel pleasure to select a managed VPS for their business computing solutions.