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The Immersion Data Center: Submerged Servers at Scale

Geoscience specialist CGG has filled an entire data center with tanks of servers submerged in a liquid coolant similar to mineral oil. Here's a look at this unique data center in Houston and its implementation of immersion cooling technology from Green Revolution Cooling.

Source : http://youtu.be/JtDuqqR_Dbg

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Diwali Greeting from Web Hosting India Info

Wishes a Happy and Sparkling Diwali to all


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Teradata Aster a next Generation Analytics on Big Data

In our modern world, analysis of things has become quite important in every field. Whether it is a sport or a business, analysis of statistics and data is an inevitable part of every department where past plays an important role in determining the future. Experts state that taking necessary statistics and analysis of present data about a firm or any of its departments can assist in making appropriate decisions in the future. The fact is well known that every business enterprise aims to maximize its profits in the long run so almost all of these organizations don’t miss out analysis of data before making necessary decisions.
As so much emphasis is being laid upon analysis of data in our advanced world where Internet serves as an important platform, big data has gained significance all over the world. Before proceeding further, it is crucial to discuss that “big data” is the term used for describing availability as well as its growth. There are many applications and systems that facilitate analysis of big data so that all types of business enterprises i.e. large and medium scaled corporate organizations can make proper decisions.
When it comes to analytics on big data, Teradata Aster is the latest and the most powerful appliance of the present world. It is the machine that allows all types of business firm to have a high-definition view of their business. The powerful appliance is not only accurate enough in providing a clear picture of the business owners but also provides essential things about the firm. This starts with the advanced feature of fraud detection. Teradata Aster can be considered as the supreme analysts on big data because this machine can detect various kinds of frauds in the business. It is highly appreciated by users of this next generation tool because detection of frauds holds utmost importance for them. Apart from it, graph analysis and pattern analysis adds to the list of its offerings. All these analyses provided by Teradata Aster assist business organizations in enhancing its revenue. This appliance also facilitates in reporting, data preprocessing, refining, cleansing and analytics of evolving schema.
Aster started planning to manufacture the supreme appliance to facilitate big data since the first day of its establishment in market in 2005. All the factors related to big data were analyzed deeply so that the machine can prove to be effective and flawless when manufactured. Although it took a couple of years to produce a suitable product for big data, the world of business enterprises didn’t mind to avail a sound appliance that can analyze data and information and assist business owners. Aster shook hands with Teradata to determine the supremacy of this big data analyst. Teradata has been one of the leading companies in the field of data platforms and applications so the contribution of both, Aster and Teradata, ensured an effective big data analytic machine.
Presently, thousands of business organizations and data centers locating in different parts of the world use Teradata Aster because of its supreme features. Recently, the analytics on big data has been appreciated by tons of its users because of the accuracy in service provided. Therefore, experts regard Teradata Aster as the next generation analytics on big data and recommend it to all types of enterprises for successful business solutions.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Security Readiness With Tier 4 Data Center

The facility used by the house computer systems and its associated components, such as the storage system or the telecommunication systems, is termed as the data center. Usually a data center consists of backup or redundant power supplies, security devices, unnecessary data communications connections and substances of environmental controls such as fire suppression, air conditioning, etc. Generally large industrial houses use a huge amount of electricity which can be compared to the scale of electricity used in a small town and, sometimes, it turns out to be a major source of complexities and pollution in the society in the form of diesel exhaust.  

A four tier system provides a simple and efficient tool for the identification of different data center site infrastructure with the design topologies. The Uptime Institute's tier classification system is an industry standard approach which explains the tier 4 data center as a composition of multiple cooling distribution paths and active powers and unnecessary redundant components. It is an efficient fault tolerant system that provides not less than 99.995% of availability.

Tier 4 data center is measured as the most powerful among all its parts and is less flat on failures. Tier 4 is designed to swarm a charge of grave computer systems and servers with completely superfluous subsystems like cooling, power, network links, storage, etc. It has been designed with compartmentalized safekeeping zones which are monitored by the method of biometric access control. Hence, it can be said that the simplest of all the tiers is a Tier 1 data center whereas tier 4 is a bit complex but includes all fully tolerant apparatus like storage, uplinks, HVAC systems, chillers, servers, etc. Everything in it is dual-powered. In tier 4, no utility power sources are mandatory, though they are commonly used as a low-cost alternative to commercial power. Tier 1 is basically preferred by small business enterprises whereas Tier 4 is used by large companies that prefer utmost security.

Standards are set for data center tiers so as to evaluate the reliability and quality of the web hosting capacity of the data center’s server. Institutes usually use a ranking technique for the four tier system, which they set as a bench mark for measuring the trustworthiness of the data center. The scoring system starts with the tier 1 and gradually heads towards the tier 4 systems. Tier 1 is generally seen to be warehoused with powers and ends, whereas tier 4 offers a 2N outmoded power and cooling with an additional guarantee of 99.99% uptime.

Tier 4 data center is a completely fault-tolerant tool that promises to handle any accidental activity on any occasion without hampering the flow of operations. Tier 4 facilities do not have any scope for failure. The basic concept working behind the system is that a Tier IV design requires double the intensity of the infrastructure present in the Tier 3 design. However, the noteworthy thing is that specification of both, the Tier 3 and Tier 4, data centers demand IT equipments so as to have a dual power input. This would help them to allow the maintenance and security of the power distribution apparatus between the IT equipment and the UPS. 

Therefore, all the large scale firms, that do not like to bargain with the security of its data, prefer Tier 4 data center because of its appreciable superiority and security over its minor members. 

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Friday, 25 October 2013

How CtrlS is Redefining Infrastructure As A Service (Iaas)

Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder and CEO, CTRLS highlights how CtrlS is redefining infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and creating new rules in the outsourcing space.

CIO: Enterprises are beginning to turn source agnostic, and reaching out to third party service providers for their datacenter needs. What is driving this trend?

Sridhar Pinnapureddy: Facilities that can reliably house the data and applications that businesses need are costly to build, and the on-going capital expenditures of in-house facilities can limit growth, slow time to market, and be a distraction from your core business. Since more and more IT Dept are finding it tough to get their capex budgets sanctioned, we have seen an increase in enterprises taking advantage of our services and enjoy significant savings on total cost of ownership. Another important reason for enterprises to look at outsourcing their data centres is security. CtrlS offers a wide range of managed security services that help your organization to prevent potential data compromises, network breaches and unauthorized system access.
CIO: Can you tell us about CtrlS’ policy of total ownership and how it helps CIOs?

SP: At CtrlS, we believe in meeting client expectations and not just to follow a letter or contract. CtrlS’ commitment to its customer is total ownership. When we started off, we realized that we could only make a difference if we came up with a significantly improved and differentiated offering. This resulted in building Asia’s largest Tier 4 datacenter. We have developed the capabilities to provide a complete suite of offerings from platform level services which include datacenter infrastructure, storage, backup, hardware to OS layers, network and security layers. We are operational in Hyderabad and Mumbai, and building another one in Delhi. Our datacenter in Chennai will be operational this year, and the one in Bangalore, the next financial year. This ensures that our geographical reach is substantial, to meet our client’s expectations of having the datacenter closer to their area of operation.

CIO: Running Tier 4 datacenters across several locations can be really capex and skills intensive. How do you manage to get the right funding and talent?
SP: Our data centers at Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi are fully owned by the company, and CtrlS is promoted by the 18 year old Pioneer Group, which has been building the largest available infrastructure in the Datacenter space and we have had several rounds of funding. Our datacenters are built to withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters. We have kept our financials healthy, and our repayment obligations have always been half of our cash flows. This is a guiding principle that we will not grow beyond a 1:5:1 ratio between debt and equity. Our growth rates are close to 100 per cent, making us a very financially healthy company. Our attrition levels are extremely low, as we believe in hiring fresh talent and grooming them. We have a training academy to that effect. Also, once on board, we offer a clear career progression plan which goes upto 16 levels, offering them many options in diverse roles. Our ‘Total Ownership” policy makes our employees extremely proud of the work they do, and they get to do whatever it takes, to make their customer happy, which keeps them motivated.

CIO: How do you take your relationship with the customer from transactional to transformational?
SP: Our ‘Total Ownership’ policy is definitely plays a key role in helping us achieve this. We develop a joint roadmap, which we commit to in being a completely transparent company, and want our customers to look at us more as long term partners and less as vendors. We learn from our customers too. Once the trust is established, we develop a joint roadmap, which we then commit to our customers. We realize that our clients are varied, and we want to give them the flexibility to customize. All of these make our relationship with our customers more than just transactional.

Source :  Smarter Sourcing Strategies - Chat with the Editor at CIO 100 2013 by Gopal Kishore.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Benefits of Managed VPS Hosting Services for Small Business

The last thing on which companies would like to spend money is managing the website’s server. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is the type of web hosting service wherein a virtual machine is allotted to a client but the hardware property such as hard drive, bandwidth and transfer speed is shared among various clients. Two types of VPS hosting services are offered to the clients i.e. managed hosting and independent hosting. Managed hosting is the type of hosting service wherein all the server-related issues are handled by the hosting service provider. On the other hand, independent hosting is the service wherein full control lies in the hands of clients. 

Small and medium scale companies don’t like to spend time and money on management of the server. When a company opts for independent VPS hosting, the demand for an IT professional arises issues related to the server can only be handled properly by them. Managed VPS hosting removes this burden because the service provider promises to manage the server. There are many benefits that a company enjoys by selecting managed hosting service.

·         Server Security: Every firm has worries related to the security of data on its website. As the data can be hacked in a VPS, high risk is involved. Server security consists of various factors such as Operating System, software firewall, virus prevention, spam filtering and security audits. It is very difficult for a company to carry out so many tasks at regular intervals to keep up with the security. Service providers have a couple of professionals who are efficient at this job. They update the OS, check software firewall, scan and remove virus, filter spam and, hence, keep the security level of server high.

·         Monitoring: Every company wants its website to be accessed by the web world throughout the year. But, websites face some kind of problem such as server failure at some point of time due to avoidance of monitoring. Therefore, server monitoring is quite essential for every website. Monitoring works on the basis of the phrase “Prevention is better than cure” because it prevents server failures. Hosting service providers allot a professional for executing this job so that its clients can enjoy appreciable up-time. But, this feature is absent in the independent hosting service. Thus, companies can get their server monitored only by choosing managed Hosting.

·         Backup: Data loss, due to natural or man-made disasters, is quite terrible for a company. Every firm seeks a source where the data on the website can be stored safely.  Service providers usually follow Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery service Plans so that the data on the clients’ website can remain safe during any disaster.

·         Specialization at Operating Cost:  Companies hardly have an efficient IT professional who agrees to look after the server and website at low cost. Hosting providers appoint several IT experts who have the ability to show specialization in server-related issues. Therefore, companies that select hosting service get to avail quality service at low operating cost.

CtrlS Managed VPS services are preferred by thousands of companies, irrespective of its size and nature.  A genuine and reliable web hosting service provider guarantees appreciable service that fetches beneficial results for its clients’ websites. Therefore, every firm that does not want to spend time and money on the management of website’s server feel pleasure to select a managed VPS for their business computing solutions.