Thursday, 5 September 2013

Prefer Reliable and Tier 4 Certified Data Center for your Business Web Hosting

In our modern world where Internet has turned out to be an unavoidable part of human life, every corporate organization desires to have its own website. Presence of intense competition in majority categories of goods and services influences businessmen to establish a website to gain popularity and promote sales. But, establishing a website is not everyone’s cup of tea. It demands money and efforts on regular basis. Many businessmen think establishing a website is the end but in reality the list of tasks to be performed goes far beyond just commencing a website. Every website requires the support of web hosting service so that it can be available to millions of people residing in six out of seven continents on Earth. 

 Web hosting service is provided by thousands of firms known as web hosts and data centers. These firms own servers where website owners need to buy some space so that their website can be hosted and internet connectivity can be provided. Web hosting companies offer various types of hosting services. Business website owners get the flexibility to choose the most appropriate type of hosting plan as per the size of the business firm. For instance, a small business firm whose website doesn’t require much server or disk space can opt for shared web hosting service wherein same server is shared by various websites and hence the charges of every website is reasonable. Large scale business firms choose dedicated server hosting service wherein a website owns a separate dedicated server, RAM, disc space and hence pays more dollars. 

Choosing web hosting services depends upon various factors. First, as mentioned above, size of business website. A small website that contains only a couple of webpages can be managed using shared hosting service whereas huge business firms require a separate server. However, some small firms choose a separate server because shared server involves the risk of getting infected due to problems in other websites. Second, platform matters. Windows and Linux OS are the most used platforms in the world and both have its own merits. Windows is ideal for websites that are based on ASP, ASP.NET scripts or Microsoft products whereas for Perl and Python, Linux OS is preferable. Third, website’s and web hosting server’s management. Not every business firm appoints an IT employee to look after its website. Appointing a web hosting professional is beneficial from a big business firm’s point of view because the bigger a firm, more will be its products and services. On the other hand, professional web hosting companies are ideal for small websites that do not require regular updates. 

At present, no business company likes to appoint an IT professional to take care of web hosting services. Instead, business companies appoint web hosting companies that provide reliable service at reasonable prices. Seeing the demand for web hosting, thousands of companies have established but one should only choose a genuine firm for web hosting service because it ascertains the accessibility and data of website in the web. Due to intense competition, web hosting companies offer various reasonable plans for different business websites. Hence, website owners should choose the best suited pack to avail web hosting services from a reliable web hosting company/data center for the development of the business website.

CtrlS, an IT enabled MSP (managed services provider) which owns the Asia’s largest Tier 4 data centers, has been certified as compliant to the ISO 22301.2012 certification. CtrlS  data center India  provides an interface or control panel for managing the Web server, installing scripts as well as other services like e-mail,  dedicated server, cloud  hosting solutions, managed VPS, shared hosting, colocation services and disaster recovery on demand.